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Brighton Social Media

Brighton Social Media is an online hub for all those working in social media (or have an interest in it) within Brighton and across Sussex. We’re looking to bring you the latest social media news, features, events and more. Plus we’re going to be holding a monthly face-to-face gathering for networking opportunities and idea-swapping.
If you want to contribute to the site at all then get in touch!

Google Authorship changes rolled-out in the UK

After last week’s announcement by Google that it would be (again) changing how Authorship snippets are displayed in search results, it seems this has now taken effect in the UK SERPs. What’s changed? As you can see from the search I ran tonight, Google has removed both the author image and the circle count number, leaving just my name:   As you can see in the top result there is now simply my byline, with no profile picture or indication of how many circles I was in – this is the same for all of the results below mine for the same search. And this has only changed in the last day or two from what I was seeing when checking. Now John Mueller (Google Webmaster Trends Analyst) claims that this won’t result in a reduction of click-through rates (which most marketers may be worried about) and admitted that they had been testing this in live SERPs in order to prove this. Is it still worth implementing Authorship? I would say that despite these changes, if you haven’t yet implemented Authorship on your website or blog then yes it most definitely is worth it. Aside from the potential increased click-through rates, having your byline against content is beneficial as: a) users start to associate you with content across the web b) it helps prove you are the original author of content and builds your reputation Time (and analysis) will tell in terms of the long-term effect of these changes to the Authorship results, however it’s more than likely that Google may change them again before very... read more

March meet-up confirmed for Brighton Social Media

The March Brighton Social Media meet-up has been confirmed for Thursday 6 and will be held at the usual venue of The Globe in Brighton. This month is a Fresh Egg double-bill, with David Somerville (that’s me!) and Susie Cox both presenting. David’s talk is on ‘The Content Cycle’, a process for ensuring your content strategies are optimised effectively. And Susie will be talking about 5 ways your brand should be using social media in 2014. It will kick off from 7.30pm, with the speakers starting at around 8pm. If you’re coming then click the big orange button below and let us know… A big thanks again to Fresh Egg for their continued support of the... read more

February Brighton Social Media meet-up review and slide decks

Last Thursday saw a hardy band of digital dudes (and dudettes) congregate in The Globe for the latest Brighton Social Media meet-up. The crowd was due to be larger, however the gale force winds and rain meant that some people had instead opted for an evening in with Eastenders instead. Nonetheless a crowd of around 25 enjoyed the usual drinks, chats and idea swapping that usually happens at our events, plus two really interesting and insightful talks. For those of you who did miss it (and those of you who made it but wanted copies), here are the slide decks from our two presenters. First up was Krystian Szastok, who talked about “The importance of content and strategy in social media in 2014”:   The importance of content and strategy in social media in 2014 from Krystian Szastok And next was George Aliferis, whose presentation gave the audience loads of actionable advice about how to “Optimise videos and channels on YouTube”:   Optimize videos and channels on YouTube from Orama A big thank you to all who attended and especially to Krystian and George for giving up their time to talk to us. The next meet-up date is TBC, so keep an eye on here, plus our Twitter or Facebook accounts to be... read more

First Brighton Social Media meet-up of 2014 focuses on strategy and video marketing

The first Brighton Social Media meet-up of 2014 will be held on Thursday 6 February at The Globe in Middle Street. This month’s talks are: The importance of content and strategy in social media in 2014 Krystian Szastok, Jellyfish Krystian will talk about how it is crucial in 2014 to involve content and strategy more in social media in order to be successful. This is both from campaign manager site – business owner site or someone looking to get into social media. How to optimise your videos to get more views and more subscribers George Aliferis, Orama George will give an overview of the technical tools you can use on YouTube illustrated with practical examples from successful channels. The evening starts from 7.30pm in the basement so grab a drink at the bar and then head down to join us.  If you’re keen on coming then sign up via our Eventbrite page using the link below:... read more

Blogging around the world and the superheroes of social media

Last week saw another busy Brighton Social Media meet-up take place, with a good crowd of digital dudes and dudettes converging on The Globe. After a first drink or two our speakers for the night began their presentations, starting with Tom Bourlet, who talked about Social media strategies for blogging. Tom offered a wide-range of techniques, tips and hacks for people to get the most out of their blog by using social media, using his blog Spaghetti Traveller as the example. Next up was Kati Byrne, with an insightful presentation on how freelancers can use social media effectively to improve their business. You can view Kati’s full presentation on the Developing Dreams blog. Here’s some tweets from attendees on the night… Facebook is Hulk, Twitter – Spiderman, WordPress – Batman @KatiByrne reveals identities of #socialmedia superheros at @BTNSocialMedia meetup — (@skipedia) August 2, 2013   @BTNSocialMedia @KatiByrne @tom_bourlet Thanks for organising another interesting evening! — Jane Cronin (@jane_cronin) August 2, 2013   @tom_bourlet @KatiByrne @BTNSocialMedia Absolutely! Very useful tips and ideas. Thank you for the talk! — Katariina Järvinen (@lighttrickphoto) August 2, 2013   A big thank you once again to everyone who came along, especially to Tom and Kati for their presentations, plus Fresh Egg for kindly sponsoring the first round of drinks. The September meet-up is once again part of the fantastic Brighton Digital Festival, which if you haven’t yet checked out the listings for, I urge you to do RIGHT NOW. It will be held on Thursday 26 September downstairs at The Globe from 7.30pm. The speakers are being confirmed currently, but please sign-up in... read more

August Brighton Social Media Meet-Up: Advice for freelancers and bloggers

This Thursday (1 August) sees the latest Brighton Social Media meet-up take place at The Globe in Middle Street. This month’s speakers are going to be exploring social media in relation to freelancers and bloggers… Kati Byrne – Social Media Survival Kit for Freelancers Kati Byrne is an award-winning multilingual PR and social media consultant who loves creating things that haven’t been done before. For the past 11 years, she has been working on innovative media stunts, events, marketing, social media and digital campaigns. Some of those have involved conducting a choir of mosquitoes and goats, others have involved holding journalists at gun point with decommissioned weapons forming a giant sculpture for the British Museum. She is co-founder of full service multilingual digital agency Developing Dreams. She will present a Social Media Survival Kit for Freelancers, which will include a few facts and figures, superheroes, free tools, and best practice tips and tricks. Tom Bourlet – Social Media Strategy For Bloggers Tom is a digital marketing manager for Site Visibility and owner of travel blog Spaghetti Traveler. Tom will be sharing experiences about his blog… My name is Tom Bourlet and I’d describe myself as a keen traveller, completely obsessed with every aspect of Digital Marketing and a health and nutrition addict.  In the presentation, I will talk through the highs and lows of running a blog and how social media has helped to support my overall strategy. I will also discuss which tools I use, quick wins for a blog and the absolutely unbeatable CMS which is WordPress. I’ll also talk through setting up a content plan and how to seed your content through... read more

How to embed Instagram videos on your website

Last week saw a ‘big announcement’ from Facebook with it’s Photo sharing app Instagram receiving the Vine-treatment and adding video creation to it’s ammunition. This was largely well received from Instagram users, a number of whom (myself included) had been using Vine to create mini videos and animations. There are likely to be repercussions now for Vine sadly, although it has no doubt picked up a hardcore group of fans along the way who will keep the faith. Some of the features of video on Instagram include: Film video clips from 3 seconds up to 15 seconds 13 new filters just for video Choose a cover image for your video ‘Cinema’ – an image stabilization function for iPhone 4s and 5 users Whilst you can share these videos via Instgram (and Facebook, plus a link from Twitter), it’s currently missing the ability to embed them, which Vine does offer. This is one area that bloggers and content producers have found really useful, as they can create some great rich media to bring life to their posts. However despite being launched just a few days ago, this is the age of change so bright sparks have been already working on ways to embed Instagram videos onto your website. And by far the simplest way to do this is using a tool I’ve found called InstaEmbed. It’s limited in terms of formats, as it’s designed for sites that have HTML5 enabled, but for all you Tumblr and users then this is great. Also there are only two choices of size, but you can play around with this in the code to... read more

June Brighton Social Media meet-up

We’re back… After a couple of months break, the Brighton Social Media meet-ups are back! The June meet-up will take place on Thursday 27 at The Globe in Middle Street, Brighton. We are planning to kick-off from 7.30pm this time, so we can try to let the speakers talk before the DJ upstairs starts playing. There are two great speakers and talks lined-up this month… Iain Martin, Skipedia – Twitter Analytics on a Budget Iain Martin runs Skipedia, an online marketing consultancy for the snowsports industry. What do you do when the boss or your client wants more data on the effect of Twitter, but doesn’t want to pay? Iain Martin from Skipedia outlines a few low cost solutions. Jamie Pitman , – Engaging your community with creative campaigns Jamie is Communications Manager at, an ecommerce platform that enables anyone, regardless of technical expertise, to set up an online shop or website and make a success of their online business. recently hit an impressive milestone: 10,000 websites hosted and built with its tools. Jamie will present a case study of the ambitious campaign that implemented to mark this occasion and engage their customer base. He will be talking about how social media pushed things forward, and in some cases held him back, but ultimately made the celebrations more exciting and satisfying. Fresh Egg have kindly agreed to sponsor the event and there will be a free drink for attendees, although this is open until the amount is reached so get there early! It’s a great opportunity to hear people talk about digital marketing related subjects, swap tips with... read more

February Brighton Social Media Meet-up Review

Last month’s meet-up saw a smaller, but very enthusiastic group converge on The Globe on Thursday 28 to hear talks from Iain Martin of Skipedia and Tess Langley of Oliver & Graimes. Iain kicked off the evening with a really insightful look into a industry that most of us have limited knowledge of – the snowsports industry. He took a look at some headline stats regarding how brands and companies in that space use (or don’t use) social media today, then delved deeper giving examples of the ‘good’, the ‘bad’ and the ‘ugly’ of social media campaigns. Here’s Iain’s slidedeck: The Ups and Downs of Social Media in the Snowsports Industry from Iain Martin Next up was Tess, who confessed to being a ‘muti-screen addict’. She brought us up-to-date on this phenomenon, which sees Tess (and many more) not being able to watch TV (or do anything) without a smartphone in our hands… The ‘Q&A’ sessions after each talk were even more enthusiastic than normal, with a whole host of opinions related to both the snowsports industry and the seemingly widespread addiction of many people to multi-device usage! A big thank you as usual to all those who attended, Iain and Tess for their great talks, The Globe for letting us use their space, plus Fresh Egg for sponsoring the event and paying for our drinks. This month’s met-up will be held at The Globe from 8pm on Thursday 28 (March). And we have another two great speakers lined up for you: John Murphy, from Bloom Worldwide and Andrea Fox, from ITV and Juice 107.2 Radio. They are both keeping their subjects... read more

January Brighton Social Media meet-up review

The first Brighton Social Media meet-up of 2013 kicked off the year in style, with probably our largest attendance to date. Close to 40 folk from the city and beyond converged at The Globe on Thursday 24 January for an evening of digital enlightenment. We were lucky to have two great speakers for the evening – Tom Prior from MakeMedia and Nazilla Allahiary from Fresh Egg. Tom’s talk was titled “From Responsive To Reactive: Harnessing Context On The Web” and discussed the how important context will be in relation to Responsive Design. It was a fascinating look into how a number of different factors, including social sensors will have an impact on web design. Tom’s has kindly uploaded his slide deck of the presentation to Next up was Nazilla’s collection of tips and advice related to her blogging experience at She shared some great insights into how to promote your blog and even how to (try) to make money from it. Afterwards the audience seemed keen to find out more, so the resulting ‘Q&A’ session seemed to last longer than her presentation! You can view Nazilla’s slides here. The February meet-up is scheduled for Thursday 28, again from 8pm at The Globe in Middle Street. Sign-up now via our Lanyrd page (so you can see who is also... read more
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