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Pinterest, the image-led social network, has started to roll out verification for websites on personal and brand profiles. Here’s a quick guide to how to verify your website on Pinterest and what the main benefits are.

How to verify your website

In order to do this you need to firstly login to your Pinterest account (either via Facebook, Twitter or email), then click ‘Settings’ underneath the drop down for your name.

Then here’s the really simple process to follow:

1)      Scroll down on your Settings page to the ‘Website’ section. Double-check that the website is correct for the one you want to associate to your account, then click ‘Verify Website’


Pinterest website verification box





2)      You will then get taken to a page which instructs you what to do – the first thing of which is to download an HTML file

Verify Pinterest website







3)      Next add this to the server that is associated with that domain (if this is beyond your technical remit then send it to your Tech dude and ask them to let you know when done)

4)      Head back to this ‘Verify Website’ page and click the link that says “Click here to complete the process”

And that’s it!

You will now get a nice full url displayed at the top of your Pinterest page as shown in the image above.

The good stuff

So what’s the point of doing this? Well up to now Pinterest users can only click on an icon to visit your site, whereas now this is displayed prominently and is therefore likely to result in more traffic back to your site.

Also we believe that currently unlike the other links within Pinterest this is a ‘follow’ link and therefore could deliver some nice link juice for SEO benefit. The chances are this will probably change at some point (as Pinterest did this year to the other links), but still for now it’s a bonus.

It’s worth noting that this is currently only available for main domains and not sub-domains, therefore not all users will be able to perform this.

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